Meet the Speakers

  Running to the Father's Heart 

Each Friday night on the eve of Running with the Father's Heart we have a night especially for God's children to receive a fresh infilling of the Father's love. Once a month, Katey Moreland is set to teach on the Father's love through the Lord's Prayer, and on other nights, a guest speaker has been asked to share on the Father's heart. Whoever speaks, one thing is certain, Papa will express His love to the listener.

Friday night Speakers (Father Heart of God teaching):

       County                     Date                       Speaker                       Town/City

  1. Dublin                            25.01.19                         Katey Moreland                    Dun Laoighere
  2. Meath                            01.02.19                         Paul Kyle                              Laytown
  3. Kildare                           08.02.19                         Paul Kyle                             Monasterevin
  4. Wicklow                         15.02.19                         Testimony night                    Bray
  5. Wexford                         22.02.19                         Katey Moreland                    Tomsilla           
  6. Kilkenny                         01.03.19                         Mike Harper                         Kilkenny
  7. Carlow                           08.03.19                         Mike Harper                         Borris
  8. Laois                             15.03.19                         Katey Moreland                     Abbeyleix         
  9. Offaly                             22.03.19                        Katey Moreland                     Tullamore
  10. Westmeath                     29.03.19                        Adrian Galvin                        Athlone
  11. Longford                         05.04.19                        Olivia Ralph                          Ballymahon
  12. Cavan                            12.04.19                         Fr. Seamus Heaney               Bailieborough                            
  13. Monaghan                      19.04.19                         Brenda Taylor                       Monaghan  
  14. Louth                             26.04.19                         Katey Moreland                    Drogheda
  15. Armagh                          10.05.19                         Ernie Gibson                        Armagh
  16. Down                             17.05.19                         Katey Moreland                    Newcastle        
  17. Antrim                           24.05.19                          Erik & Liv Hansen                 Lisburn
  18. Derry/L-derry                 07.06.19                          Abraham Bender                  Derry
  19. Tyrone                           14.06.19                          Katey Moreland                    Cookstown                      
  20. Fermanagh                     21.06.19                         Dr. Cecil Stewart                   Enniskillen
  21. Leitrim                           28.06.19                          Barbara Murray                    Dowra
  22. Roscommon                    05.07.19                         Abraham Bender                   Boyle
  23. Tipperary                       12.07.19                          Katey Moreland                     Tipperary Town                 
  24. Waterford                       19.07.19                         Adrian Galvin                        Waterford Town                                      
  25. Cork                              26.07.19                          Adrian Galvin                        Bantry
  26. Kerry                             09.08.19                          Adrian Galvin                        Dingle
  27. Limerick                         16.08.19                         Carolyn Hyde                                Abbeyfeale
  28. Clare                             23.08.19                          Katey Moreland
  29. Galway                          30.08.19                          P
  30. Mayo                             06.09.19                          Paul Kyle          
  31. Sligo                             13.09.19                          Paul Kyle          
  32. Donegal                        20.09.19                          Katey Moreland

 N.B. Find full venue addresses on the Itinerary page.


Katey Moreland  


Katey Moreland     25.01.19    County Dublin                     22.02.19     County Wexford              15.03.19        County Laois

     26.04.19    County Louth                      17.05.19      County Down                    08.06.19     County Tyrone

     12.07.19   County Tipperary                23.08.19     County Clare                    20.09.19      County Donegal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Katey Moreland is the founder of the WORD of the LORD Ministries. She would consider her first gift, the gift of helps and     her first calling to teach. All she does, including teaching and intercession, is in the hope of helping many. Katey believes with all   her heart that she will see revival in Ireland and is excited to be invited by God to help prepare His people for that amazing time in   the history  of Ireland.



 Paul & Hilary Kyle 

 Paul & Hilary  Speaking:         25.01.19   County Dublin           01.02.19            County Meath

                           08.02.19   County Kildare          30.08.19            County Galway

                           06.09.19   County Mayo             13.09.19            County Sligo

     Paul and Hilary Kyle are originally from Belfast where they lead the interdenominational ‘Community of the   King’.   They moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota with their seven children in 1994. They are called to a reconciliation   ministry in   the USA, especially among the Native Americans and immigrated Americans. They hold a number of   Freedom retreats both in their Big Green House and places to which they are invited, taking participants on a spiritual   journey of healing and hope with craic* songs, stories, meals and truth. Paul is invited to speak and sing all over the   world. His name is known for such songs as Lord Jesus We Enthrone You, O Ireland, and Good Mornin’ Dad.

  Webpage address:


  Mike Harper     Speaking:    01.03.19 County Kilkenny,  08.03.19 County Carlow

Mike Harper

            Mike, together with his wife, Edith, head a family dedicated to serving God at home in Ireland and abroad –    wherever God sends them. Their mission is to seek God with all their hearts and to see His will established in their  lives. From time to time, God sends them to do missions that He has prepared in advance for them.

Over the last few years, both Mike and Edith have gained training in teaching/preaching, intercession, worship  leading, evangelism, discipleship, prophecy, prophetic intercession, songwriting, music production, book  production   and youth ministry. Mike has written books and composed Holy Spirit inspired songs, available on CD. 

Facebook: @revivalwell


  Brenda Taylor   Speaking:         19.04.19           County Monaghan

Brenda Taylor      Brenda with her husband Roy ministered for over 30 years as Assemblies of God ministers. They have been   missionaries   and pioneers, and have served the Lord wherever He has sent them. Roy and Brenda moved to Cornwall to   retire but God   had different plans! Heading up Dovetail Shalom ministries, they lead 2 ‘gatherings’ at the weekend.   Various groups and   churches also call on Brenda to be a guest speaker. On top of that, Brenda leads a bi-annual 3-day   Esther Fast, a profoundly   prophetic gathering, fully orchestrated by the Holy Spirit as well as lead worship for national   prayer events, such as days of   prayer organised by David Hathaway.

 Brenda, among her many giftings, has a particular call to reveal the love of God for the nation and land of Israel, and its   place in His end-time plan. A gifted teacher as well as an anointed worship leader, Brenda has composed many songs and   choruses to bless the Body of Christ. Find out more about Brenda’s ministry on

Brenda Taylor in Northern Ireland

Event: Worship Altar         

Date: 18.04.19       

Time: 2-10 p.m. (2 p.m. and 7.30 p.m.)           

Venue:Kingdom Harvest Church, Belfast BT5 4JN

Brenda Taylor will lead a Worship Altar in the four countries of the United Kingdom. (This one in Northern Ireland will be the first.) Brenda explains the vision below: 

     Fifteen years ago, the Lord envisioned us to hold ‘Esther’ fasts (prayer-fast conferences) for 3 days, twice a year. We have been obedient to do this, but two years ago we received a prophecy that this was something the Lord wanted to be replicated. We understood we needed to go to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These prayer altars are now in place, and vital to open  heaven for a fresh move of God. We can only obey: the rest is up to God . . .

People are invited to join us for the whole day as we seek God for His word over Northern Ireland and Ireland at this time. Those who cannot come to the whole event are welcome to join us for what part they can attend.

  Richard Lewis, worship leader with Brenda Taylor in Belfast and Monaghan

Richard Lewis armchair  Richard Lewis piano Formerly Music Director of London’s Kensington Temple, Richard travels widely both in   the UK and abroad leading worship and giving training seminars across a range of   denominations and ministries. He’s been privileged to lead worship in conferences with   ministries such as Reinhard Bonnke (Odyssey Arena Belfast), Suzette Hattingh and Bill     Johnson. Richard is a prolific song-writer and has had numerous worship songs published   and used in different parts of the world. He is currently based in Cardiff, Wales. He is   married to Joy and they have four children. 



Adrian Galvin Speaking:      Westmeath   29.03.19             Waterford  19.07.19

                                                                                             Cork             26.07.19              Kerry          09.08.19  

Adrian Galvin

After catching the revelation of Father’s love, Adrian’s life was radically transformed; marked forever with supernatural joy and freedom, his passion is for revival and for people to experience God as dad and to live from that place of belonging.

Adrian is on the leadership team of Refresh church in Bristol, serving in the role of pastor. He also heads up the Refresh Prayer House. Adrian was trained in inner-healing and deliverance with Ellel Ministries in Surrey, England. He has built upon this training with experience both in Refresh and as a member of the Bristol Healing Rooms team.

Adrian is from the beautiful seaside village of Bonmahon in Co. Waterford. In 2006, following Father God’s leading, he left for the UK to serve as a missionary. He still has a home in Bonmahon which he visits regularly.


   Olivia Ralph    Speaking:   Co. Longford   05.04.19    

Olivia Ralph


      Olivia is a worship leader. In a time of transition into leadership, Olivia would tell you, “All I know is I love Jesus”. 

 Out of that love she is obedient to His call, a call to take her further, higher and deeper. Through the anointing upon her 

 for worship, she draws others, desiring to go, into the secret place of the King of Kings, the LORD of all. 



 Ernie Gibson Speaking:     County Armagh 10.05.19

Ernie and his wife Sheila are both Scots who live in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.

Ernie is a retired school teacher who taught R.E and also worked with young people with learning and/or behavioural difficulties. His passion is to see the kingdom of God extended particularly in Scotland and Israel. In the last year, the Lord has added  Ireland to that short list.

Ernie & Sheila GibsonErnie is part of the national Core team for Pray for Scotland, a non-denominational organisation  which encourages unity in the body of Christ and prayer in the nation through teaching  principles of prayer.

Formerly a worship leader, Ernie promotes God's kingdom primarily through the 4 P's - Praise,  Prayer, Proclamation and Prophecy. He saw these 4 P's on separate banners on a wall in a place of  worship in Jerusalem during a visit to Israel with a worship and intercession team in the year  2000.  About a year ago, he started a meeting in his local church called 'Stairway to Heaven' where  the 4 P's are in evidence. It is about recognising and pursuing the presence of God and originates  from the story of what has been called Jacob's ladder (see Genesis 28: 10 – 22). Ultimately he  desires to see a powerful move of God in these 3 nations which will spread to the nations of the  world before Jesus returns.

   Erik & Liv Hansen Speaking:        24.05.19           County Antrim

Erik & Liv Hansen     Erik & Liv are travelling from Denmark to share the Father's heart in and for Ireland. They   are involved in  prayer ministry and have received much teaching on the Father's heart, both from   international teachers and from life  itself.

 Erik & Liv are sold out in their service to the Lord. Originally meeting, marrying, living and ministering     as part of a  community in Copenhagen, they have since moved to an island that Liv grew up on - the island   of Fynn. Even while  living in Copenhagen, they were instructed to buy a cottage for people to be able to   get alone with God. Erik & Liv now live on a farm and have become farmers. Part of the vision is to be   self- reliant. They also have a prayer-apartment on the farm for groups as well as individuals to use. 

  Alan Bender Speaking:        07.06.19           County L-Derry
                                                                        05.07.19           County Roscommon

Alan BenderLook what the LORD has done! After losing my entire family in which 6 people of my flesh and blood

died, the sixth person being my firstborn son who was only 5 years old, I gave up on life and was

dying. On August 29th, 1995, Jesus appeared in my room. You cannot understand this in your carnal

mind. I heard these words, “Alan, I want to give you a new life and a new beginning”. I was not raised

up in the church. I responded, “Yes, Lord”. He said “If you will give me your pain and your shame, I

will teach you how to live and love.” Right after that, I went into street ministry, into my first prison,

and on my first mission trip with Kevin Hunt, which was to Ireland. I’ve been in many street ministries,

269 prisons, and 73 mission trips in 73 nations.In 2018, I had stage 4 cancer and God completely

healed me without medication. I still have a work to do, praise God!


Dr. Cecil Stewart Speaking:        21.06.19           County Fermanagh

Dr. Cecil Stewart     Dr Cecil Stewart has conducted life-giving seminars where thousands have been empowered and     

 inspired to reach their full potential. The major missions have given hope and new life to multitudes who 

 have gathered in stadiums and fields in places like Romania and Africa to hear his message of hope and 

 healing. These events have been available to millions more on television and real transformation has   

 taken place in the lives of those who have responded.

     His remarkable story as to how he pioneered and developed the largest privately owned nursing home   

 group in United Kingdom or Northern Ireland has captured the imagination of many. His burning passion is 

 to enable others to be creative and go beyond their own ability by the grace of God and reach their   

 destiny. Watch his teachings on



Barbara MurrayBarbara Murray Speaking:        28.06.19           County Leitrim


Barbara is a Professional Classical Musician and Lecturer of Music. She has walked with the

Lord and served Him in leadership in different areas over the years. Recently the Lord has called

Barbara into worship leadership and within this the desire of her heart is to draw people into the

secret and intimate place with their heavenly Father and to know the great love of Yeshua through



 Richard & Carolyn Hyde Speaking:        16.08.19           County Limerick

 Richard & Carolyn HydeRichard & Carolyn are Israeli-American citizens living in the Galilee and sharing the love of Yeshua,

 Jesus, with other Israelis. Richard is a Christian from Texas and Carolyn is a Messianic Jew from near

 Chicago.  After living in America, they lived in Germany from 2001-2003 where they shared Messiah

 in German public schools.  They continue to do this ministry and they have seen many German youths

 come to faith in Yeshua!  In 2003, they made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel) and they are very active

 in sharing their faith, and Carolyn is involved in many worship venues in the Land today. 

 More can be seen about them and their ministry on