Vision and Mandate


 The vision of 'The WORD of the LORD Ministries' is to bring the Word of God, in the authority of Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit to nations, believing we have been given a stewardship of the grace of God to impart to the hearer, receiving and imparting revelation, both to build-up those within the body of Christ and to bring unbelievers to salvation through Jesus Christ. (From Ephesians 3).

As Spirit-filled believers The WORD of the LORD Ministries is anointed to preach the gospel, heal the broken-hearted, proclaim freedom, set the captives free and proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.



The WORD of the LORD Ministries was given the mandate in 2009 to travel to towns and cities in Ireland, flowing in the River, being one of many in preparing the land for Revival. Believing unity is an important key to revival, we invite local Christians from different denominations to join together in a number of events:

1. Participating in teaching Conferences and worship celebrations

2. Prayer walking, praying blessing wherever we tread our feet

3. Outreach on the streets

4. United Intercession meetings praying together for the land of Ireland, region and local area

      Regarding work in Ireland, Katey writes:

        The LORD first gave me the vision to hold conferences in Ireland while I was teaching at a women’s conference in    Uganda in September 2009. As I stood at the Source of the Nile, feeling privileged to be at the supply of so much water to Africa, the Lord likened this natural source to the Source of the Holy Spirit, flowing as a river through Ireland.


Katey profile

Founder and Director:
Katey Moreland is an international teacher of the Word of God. She has a prophetic anointing which is demonstrated in her teaching. Born in Yorkshire, U.K, to Irish parents, Katey feels privileged to be called to live and minister to her 'own people' in their home-land since 2008.
Called to travel to many nations, Katey considers Kenya to be 'home'. She was a pastor in Nairobi before moving to Ireland for this work and plans, in the fullness of time, to return home and set up a children's home and school in Kenya.
Katey is also a published writer. Her books can be purchased on this web page or Amazon, ordered at bookshops, or at any of the conferences Katey is attending. Look out for other titles as they are published!