Proofreading and Editing Service

It’s almost impossible for a writer to spot all of his/her own mistakes and so proofreading from a professional or friend proves vital in presenting a professional work. After all, you’ve spent a long time producing your work; it shouldn’t be spoilt by a few typos. The Word of the LORD WinePress offer:

Proofreading at £5/€6 per 1,000 words

Editing at £7/€8 per 1,000 words


This form of editing helps you discover those easily missed errors that spellcheckers and friends may not pick up on. Our proof editors will correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation. There will also be suggestions if the editor notices issues in use of syntax. All changes to the manuscript will be tracked in Microsoft Word, so that these can be followed by you the author and approved for the proof edited version.

Copy Editing & Proof Reading

Our Copy Editing service includes Proof Reading, and adds further editorial enhancements through sentence restructuring and checking for consistency. There may also be instances where the editor will want to discuss with you clarification on details that may not be clearly understood by the reader.

The editor will go through the manuscript thoroughly, enhancing the manuscript’s readability. This often means adjusting sentences. To ensure the author is fully happy with the changes, all changes are tracked and marked up in a Microsoft Word file. If the author would like to review the changes, this is possible, so long as the author is able to review the file on their own version of Microsoft Word. If any changes are unwanted, then these can be flagged up, and adjusted back to their original format or changed in a way advised by the author.