Event Report

 The Father's Love Spread Abroad

To the Nordics from Ireland, 2020

Helsinki, Finland, 6-8 March, 2020

A word over Finland is 'Behold I do a new thing'.

Friday, 11 a.m. Prayer walk around Helsinki

We were 8, praying for the churches and Parliament, confirming that God is doing a new thing in Finland. He is raising up an army of intercessors who will see the fruit of their prayers.

Prayer walk, Helsinki

Saturday 7.30 p.m. Father's Heart meetingFather's Heart meeting, Aengus

Being 5, God declared His grace upon His people in Finland. On releasing the Azusa Street anointing to those present as well as the church hosting us, many dimensions were prophesied - healing and miracles, teaching, new songs and power as never seen before in people's lives.

3 locals represented the presence of the trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwelling in a special way. 



Sunday 12.30 p.m. Father's Heart triathlon

Sausages, FinlandPrayer and Proclamation team, Finland

12. 30 p.m. Prayer and Proclamation

We met Love Story Church, Helsinki, in a forest outside of Helsinki. Many were able to join in the prayers and proclamations over Finland, blessing their land.

1.30 - 4.30 p.m. Relay-Triathlon

This relay-triathlon, walk, swim, cycle, represents the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in action, blessing and transforming the country. Pastor Niko from Love Story Church began the prayer tour, taking the scroll filled with Father's love notes and passed it on to Eva Sarsa, one of the leaders of National Prayer Network, Finland. Passing on the scroll, FinlandEva then passed it on to Katey Moreland to swim in ice-cold water. Admittedly, this new experience turned Katey's attention to pray for survival rather than Finland! Next, Aengus O'Sullivan, having travelled from Ireland to pray for Finland, found himself praying for Fire from Ireland to set Finland ablaze with God's glory. When Katey took to the bike 5 km later, she independently found herself praying similar prayers. Large dry branches made her to pray that Fireland would be used by God to burn dry logs of Finland, revival being the result of the work of the Holy Spirit.

5 - 6 p.m. Worship Celebration

Numbers may seem small - 4 in total, 2 locals, mother and daughter, and 2 visitors from Ireland - but God says 'Do not despise small beginnings'Worship celebration, Helsinki Our little act of worship, celebrating all God has done, is doing and will do, shall affect the Finland in all 4 directions, north, south, east and west, because of God's grace. In this time, local Marta recalled all that is good in Finland and gave thanks to God for His goodness already present in the land with more to come, Alleluia!

Running with the Father’s Heart

 32 Marathons because Every County Counts


2019 (Jan 25-Sept 21) 

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Praise Report September 2019

 Dear friends,

It’s with great joy that I look back on Running with the Father’s Heart and report to you the final weeks of our prayer tour (and the prayer project it leads into in 2020).

 In September, we travelled to Mayo, Sligo and Donegal.

 In County Mayo (September 6-7), we were blessed by Paul and Hilary Kyle returning to join us from America, remaining for our final 3 weeks. As Paul is very much into the significance of numbers, I am sure God had a wonderful purpose even beyond that which was obvious to us, in them being a part of our adventure for the first 3 and final 3 weeks.

Mayo’s Father’s Heart marathon route was planned for over a year, since the Living Waters Praise Tour in 2018 – simply follow the Great Western Greenway from Achill Island to Westport which happened to be the exact distance we needed – 26 miles/42 km. The Father's Heart meeting then needed to be on Achill Island (near the start). Sometimes a location jumps off the map announcing “It has to be here”. This time the chosen place was the ruins of St Dymphna's Church built on the southeast coast of the island in the 17th Century. On a frosty night, the missing roof may have given us an opportunity to see a starlit sky but our open heaven experience came from the grace of our Father. We thank Him for the deep ministry received through Paul Kyle’s leading in worship and family testimony of the Father’s heart as well as the prayer for the county and especially for the leaders present.

The time of Prayer and Proclamation for County Mayo was a wonderful time of unity. This was especially evident to me when the 3 local leaders and prayer warriors prayed for Israel. Each of them had such profound knowledge of Scripture regarding God’s firstborn. Their prayers towards the Jews were both filled with love and power. I’m grateful too that the group was able to remain focussed on praying blessings on County Mayo as we ran, walked and cycled the marathon route. Pastor Jeremiah Okojie was our leader beginning the marathon. Having led an over-night prayer event after the Father’s Heart meeting on Friday evening, his plan was to go home to bed after his part was done, but instead was led to stay, only leaving in the afternoon to collect his son, Victor, who would complete our marathon. I always love to see father and son together in ‘Running with the Father's Heart’, representing Father God and His son, Jesus.

 The Worship Celebration in County Mayo proves how our weekends were orchestrated by God to the smallest detail. One team member, Jane, asked for the worship celebration to be on school grounds. Paul having popped into the church next door wanted to sing the Father's Song in the church next door. I suggested we worship in the school grounds first as Victor crossed the finishing line. As we walked in, the vicar Val Rogers and his wife followed, dropping something off. Val was interested to find out about us. When Paul told him he wanted to sing the Father's song, Val said we'd all sit down and listen. Sitting behind him, I saw how moved he was, wiping his eyes as Paul sang. Paul later told us that when he went into the church the first time God had told him, "This is the Church of Ireland but you're going to meet someone here whose heart is for the united church of Ireland." Here was our man. He has a small congregation but they are from many different backgrounds, even a Messianic Jew amongst them. Val also worked closely with other churches, helping them in whatever way he could. Interestingly, I found out later that he was to retire 3 weeks after we met him. I wonder what God has planned for Rev. Val – a man with such a big heart. It truly was a pleasure to meet him!

In County Sligo (September 13-14), we began on Friday evening with a very atmospheric Father's Heart meeting in Ballindoon Abbey built in the 15th Century, thanks to Charlotte Jacobs supplying and dotting candles around the sanctuary. Seven counties were represented and all were blessed by Paul Kyle's songs and message. Praise God!

Though our weekend was in County Sligo, we actually were hosted by Endre and Inger in Carrick-on-Shannon. A blessed extra I felt God wanted us to add on our way to Sligo was praying and worshipping in front of the building where Rivers Church in Carrick-on-Shannon used to stand. Though Rivers church is not there anymore, on the day they had their first meeting in the town, I saw a river so clearly flowing down the main street. I have no doubt that rivers of life will flow just as He promised.

When we first arrived at Lake for the Prayer and Proclamations over County Sligo we were 7. Though this is a sign of completeness, we were definitely incomplete – we represented 5 counties but none of us came from Sligo. As I thought on God providing this need, a car arrived with a couple who had joined us the night before. We were now 9, representing precious Holy Spirit. I knew nothing about the couple except that the husband, Ronnie, was brother of a friend, Alison Bourke. But of course, God being God, they were also leaders in their own right: Rev. Ronnie and Ruth Bourke. Like the leaders in Mayo, they had both knowledge for and a love for Israel, so their prayers in this area were powerful. No shofar this weekend but we had our very own professional trumpeter to blast a mighty ‘Amen’.

Our marathon had a family focus, enthusiastic husband and wife starting us off and a lovely family, Endre, Inger & Elizabeth, completing our penultimate Father’s Heart prayer trip. Our Worship Celebration had a new flavour, Paul Kyle on his guitar accompanied by Endre playing his trumpet beside Glencar Lough and below a waterfall. The trumpet playing soon got the attention of the owner of the land (though he specifically calls himself a steward). It was great to meet Mark and receive his approval for what we were doing as well as praying blessings over him and his family.

In County Donegal (September 20-21), our Father’s Heart meeting was a wonderful celebration of our Father’s love, 32 friends (including a baby in the womb😊) congregating from all over the island. Go raibh maith agat daidí (Thank You, Daddy). The local parish priest Rev. Denis Quinn, hosting us in Glencolmcille gave us great freedom to dance and wave flags, making our evening great fun. A Donegal man, he also joined us the following morning for the Prayer and Proclamations beside the sea – a windy but wonderful time! He then began our relay marathon before rushing off to celebrate morning Mass and even kindly came back to see us off.

Meanwhile, we had an extra event for our final weekend. In Glencolmcille, there is a stunning 15 foot map of the 32 counties. Thirty-two stonemasons in the 32 counties were asked to design their own county in local stone, not only of respective shape and size but to craft an emblem for their county. I found it amazing that Glencolmcille Folk Village in Donegal was the chosen place to display this wonderful work, giving us a visual display of the counties we had travelled through and prayed for. Mike Harper with a 32 string harp that he had restored felt led to ask that we celebrate each of the counties. Each person was to take 1 county piece of a jigsaw. One by one, in the order we travelled the 32 counties, we stepped up to the map of our island and proclaimed something good over our land. Completing the task, each person placed their county piece back in the jigsaw. Together we were rebuilding Ireland as God prepares us for an island-wide revival. We were 30 people in the team at that point. What did Papa do about that, seeing as we needed 32? Two ladies working in Glencolmcille Folk Village, interested in what we were doing, stood close by watching. We asked them to join us – and of course, they made the 32 we needed. God is so strategic!

Another extra event was a prayer-drive in the morning bringing us up to Ards Friary. We were 9 cars in total and took 3 different routes, covering many areas between us. The views of beautiful Donegal were stunning. All stopped at the Bridge of Tears near Dunfanaghy, a sorrowful memorial of families needing to be separated during the famine. Family members would walk as far as the bridge with those leaving Ireland. Their hearts were aching as they returned home, never expecting to see their emigrating family members again. Generational depression can come from such experiences, so I felt it important to worship around the bridge, changing the atmosphere for the sake of present and future families.

From Ards Friary, we ran, walked and cycled a shorter Father’s Heart marathon than usual, heading to Rosguill Peninsula, along country lanes, beaches and cliff edges. My big sister, Norah, came over to Donegal to honour our beautiful mother's memory. While others took their turn in the relay, a group of friends went with us to pray at mam's school and her old homestead above Carrigart. Such a precious time! Thanks to my friends for sharing these treasured moments with us.💝💖

Our Worship Celebration on Sheephaven beach (where else could it be - representing the Father keeping His children safe) was the finale of finales. God sent wonderful musicians and dancers from around the island and once again, I can say we could have worshipped all night. The sun had long gone down when I felt to say we should come to an end even though there was no indication in the natural that this was the right thing to do. Thank God this was also His prompting, for only after we walked back along the boardwalk and were all safely in our cars did the heavens opened. We serve a good, good God!

I am so grateful to all who were involved throughout the year, from the guest speakers that came to bless our land and people to the people who hosted us to those who became involved in the weekend events. All that was achieved became very much a team effort from those praying behind the scenes to those pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone in going the extra mile.

There are many testimonies that will be included in the book about the journeys around Ireland. I’d like to remind you here of the prophecy given on my second time around the land – “This is not the end but the beginning. You will travel the 32 counties a third time and at the end of that time, the walls in Ireland will fall down.” Bridget White could never have guessed on the first weekend Papa instructed her to join us, that she would come home from England a number of times to be a part of Running with the Father’s Heart or that her poetry would take on a powerfully prophetic edge. It seems fitting to include here her final poem relating to Running with the Father's Heart that was for Donegal - and Ireland.

In Donegal,
Came down that wall,
Now undivided are all,
God is standing in the gap,
His holy anointing pouring from the tap,
All over this land the Fathers heart is at hand,
Calling all His saints,
To the latter rains,
Calling in their pains.
Lift up your holy hands
Down God's Glory lands
We will hear the music of the Harp,
A beautiful melody
Like the lark
Then the angles sound,
All over Ireland will
Be found,
Running with the Fathers heart
Is where God's Glory will start,
Over these vast misty hills,
Down God's Love spills,
All His people now be still
And know that I am God. 

A prophecy I wasn’t pleased to hear at our completion was “This is not the end but the beginning”. No, I definitely didn’t want to hear that! Appreciating all God had achieved in our land and grateful to Him for allowing us to be a part of His handiwork, I nonetheless was tired and hoped for a quiet year of writing. However, the prophetic riddle was soon to become clear to me and fill me with joy: In 2020, Papa desires that the scroll that has travelled Ireland begins a journey around the world starting with Scandinavian and Nordic lands. My hope is Irish believers will be inspired by God to come join local believers in praying the Father’s love upon their land, be it for a week or 7. This time we don’t carry the scroll filled with the Father’s love for the length of a marathon but a triathlon in each of the capitals in “The Father’s Love Spread Abroad”.

Ministry dates at a glance (Wed – prayer walk; Sat – Father’s Heart meeting; Sun – triathlon):

28th Feb – 2nd March 2020                     Aland Islands (Ministry to the Lord + prayer walk)

Wed 4th - Sun 8th March                          Helsinki, Finland

Wed 11th - Sun 15th March                       Stockholm, Sweden

Wed 18th - Sun 22nd March                    Copenhagen, Denmark

 Wed 25th - Sun 29th March                    Oslo, Norway

3rd - 6th April 2020                                    Faroe Islands Ministry to the Lord + prayer walk)

Wed 8th – Sun 12th April                          Reykjavík, Iceland

Wed 15th - Sun 19th April                         Nuuk, Greenland


We can trust God in all His plans. He’s a good, good Father! (I can be excited because He’s excited.) I thank you also for your prayer support and hope that you will want to continue supporting the team that Papa is sending to bless these lands. If you feel you are led to join us for any part of the ministry, please do be in touch.

Blessings of Shalom,


Katey Moreland


August Praise Report

In August, we were in Kerry, Limerick, Clare and Galway, along the west coast, continuing our exciting adventure.

In County Kerry (August (9-10), we were blessed to have Adrian Galvin as our guest speaker for the third week in a row. On Friday evening, we had the most amazing time in Gallarus Oratory, the smallest church in Ireland, formed in the 7th Century on the very western tip of the Dingle peninsula. The anointing for worship was so strong in the place. How I wish we could have stayed all night! In that place, God gave spiritual gifts to all attending. Everyone (except me) went home encouraged. Don’t get me wrong – I was encouraged but I didn’t go ‘home’ but camped at the stunning location of Saturday morning’s Prayer and Proclamation.

When I arrived at my idyllic location, the rain lashed down and the wind rocked car and me to sleep. In the morning, I hoped to sit beside Annascaul Lake, Dingle’s hidden gem, found by only a few up above a small village in a mountain pass. Instead, with the rain still pouring heavily, I prayed in the car while I waited for the team to arrive. I thought of Elijah praying 7 times before seeing the evidence of rain coming in Israel. Perhaps I needed to pray 7 times to see the rain stop! Eventually, I decided if God didn’t want to stop the rain, then it was very significant. The team arrived and we all faced wind and rain to pray outdoors. From the south-western corner of the island, God wanted to send water to cleanse not only Kerry but the whole land. Complaints went far from our lips and hearts as we pressed in to agree with God over His blessings for our land.

On our marathon, we added a second location to pray and proclaim – Inch Beach. It was a windy experience but again we felt God was shifting things, so our time was exciting. I had the privilege of going alone up on a portion of the Slieve Mish Mountain range – stunning (even in the rain). I met plenty sheep up there and then was fortunate to meet a shepherd on my descent. We had a couple walking a portion of the marathon who had come from England to research their Irish ancestry. It was great to have their involvement.

Our final leg of the marathon began with a very special bike ride – not one, but 4 Kerryites cycling in together. Leana completing the marathon, representing the young, was joined by Donal, our leader for Kerry, Mairead riding into her hometown, and Margaret, living in Killarney, representing South Kerry. Finishing in the Rose Garden in Tralee Park, both Leana and little Joshua, Mairead’s 2-year-old grandson, took their turn in crossing the finishing line with scroll in hand. The rain continued to pour, unusual in our Worship Celebration, but it didn’t dampen our spirits. John Murphy from Celtic Hearts band led us in a powerful time of worship, drawing the interest of the leader of a small gang. May he and his friends come to know the love of Jesus for them.

In County Limerick, Carolyn Hyde had come all the way from Galilee in Israel to be our guest speaker. A highlight for many of us was sharing a Shabbat meal together with Carolyn. A major event over the weekend was the LORD spot-lighting two leaders, Angela & Caroline, one a leader for a long time, in need of encouragement and the other, fairly new to the LORD equally in need of encouragement. A beautiful commitment was made by the two of them to support one another in God’s plans for them and their county. Within days, news came through of God’s hand moving in a new way in the area, Alleluia!

Many of the core-team were at the Limerick weekend. When I needed to visit the local hospital I was so proud of the team God has given for this venture for they were able to complete the whole event without a hitch. In fact, even more was done than usual as we found out that Limerick had boycotted Jewish shops back in 1904-06. The amazing thing is not that some people would not support the boycott but that a large enough group, outraged, wrote to the Catholic Church and out of it, the priest who had instigated it, was defrocked.  It was no coincidence (only a God-incident) that Carolyn came to the Limerick weekend and after the worship celebration go with the group into the city to pray into this event and the city’s stance today. Carolyn was also near enough to the west coast to fulfil her own commissioning from the Lord to call the people home to Israel from America (believing that many will come through Ireland as a support country for the Jews returning home.)

County Clare’s weekend began with excited worship and a great word from Dermot Landy (Landy Ministries (International) based in Kerry).  It was one of those meetings when I could use Wi-Fi and so did a live video on Facebook of Dermot sharing, so more could be blessed.

Mary Hamilton was God’s choice of leader to begin the relay marathon on Saturday morning. We were so blessed to gain local knowledge from her. We met to pray the scriptures near a stream but didn’t know that we were also near the location of a very early church in Kilrush, significant as one purpose of this trip is to link with the faith of old and drawing it into the present.

Mary Moran was also to be recognised as a leader, she and her husband hosting meetings in their home (indeed, our Friday night meeting was there.J) At the beginning of Saturday, she had no idea if she could join the team beyond the Prayer and Proclamations, yet became County Clare’s representative throughout, even to the end, representing the young in the county, her own children especially.

Every weekend is so completely different. In County Galway a Parish hall was offered for our meeting but only one person from the parish came to the meeting. Thank God, she was mightily blessed, no more than seeing the fervency of our young worship leaders, Michale & Grace, recently wed and deeply in love with Jesus. They gave their all to the Lord. So much so, that we could have worshipped all night if time allowed!

Saturday was amazing! When we woke, I didn’t know who our county leader would be and of course, we can’t start without a leader (end of!). As we drove towards our start point, I wondered if we would be met by someone new at our start point. My thoughts of a mysterious appearance soon disappeared on the journey, though, as Margaret Scully, one of the team, began pointing out many interesting details. As a young married woman, Margaret had spent many a summer in the area with her husband and boys. I smiled to myself – here was our leader! Before beginning we went to a cousin of Margaret’s family. We witnessed and prayed blessing on Vinnie’s shop. Claiming to be an atheist, Vinnie nonetheless told Margaret privately that he enjoyed and appreciated our prayers.

After our Prayer and Proclamations at the riverside, we soon found out we could go no further along the planned route – not without wellies, anyway! Yet, there was a great sense of peace in our situation – we could just find an alternative route. Back we went to Vinnie (an avid walker, as God would have it) for advice where to go. Heading up above the town towards a wood, we were at the start of a most amazing day. Four people took turns in riding Margaret’s bike while everyone was able to walk through the woods and enjoy the views below, turning our marathon into a prayer-walk. We were even able to enjoy a picnic together (before the heavens opened and pushed us on.) While many of us were enthralled with the views, Margaret insisted there was even greater beauty to see. I felt to say ‘Let’s go’ – we would complete our marathon at this great viewing point she spoke of – a lake surrounded by mountains. Fittingly, Margaret cycled toward our finishing point. It was, indeed, very beautiful – and remained dry for our time of worship. Three year old William was our young man to excitedly run through the finishing line and only when we got into the cars did the heavens open up again. Thank God!

I thank Father God for all He achieved in lavishing His love upon these counties and people and for letting us be a part of His handiwork. He’s such a good, good Father!

I thank you so much for your prayer support.

Blessings of Shalom,



July Praise Report

Praise God for all He accomplished in the month of July!

Wowza! We’re officially on the count down to the end of this amazing adventure through Ireland as we embark on the last 7 weekends (a complete work)!

Thanks so much for your prayer support.

In July we were in Roscommon, Tipperary, Waterford and Cork, travelling from the midlands to the south of our island – what an adventure!

County Roscommon’s weekend was not arranged until 5 days before its start. I knew it needed to be in Boyle but could find nowhere for the Father’s Heart meeting. After the Leitrim’s weekend, I stayed in Carrick-on-Shannon. Usually in need of a rest on Sundays, God put on my heart that if I didn’t go to a local church I’d miss the connection He wanted to make for me in Boyle. So off I went. The pastor kindly let me share about the vision and invite the folks to get involved in County Roscommon the next weekend. After the meeting, a lovely lady, Charlotte introduced herself. She and her husband host meetings in their home. Where? Boyle of course!

Patrick and Charlotte hosted our Friday evening meeting, met us to Pray and Proclaim over County Roscommon on Saturday morning and were our leaders starting off our relay marathon. Their kids got involved too in prayer walking and worship, and young Patrick (their eldest son) was our final young person to run through the finishing line. It’s totally impossible to imagine the weekend without the family’s participation! In hindsight it’s easy to see that nothing could be arranged until I met the Jacobs family – God had strategically placed them there for such a time as this, prepared to be our hosts and connection with Roscommon. Experienced in prayer walking, Patrick had even been previously led to strategically prayer walk Boyle (a 2 year adventure with the Lord).

Our visiting guest speaker was Abraham Bender from America. You can see this for yourself on Facebook (link given below as it seems a bit long to put here.) We were blessed by his word and participation. County Roscommon turned out to be a very important county for him personally as he was able to stay in Roscommon Town and get involved with evangelism (his heart) alongside 2 other evangelists, seeing great fruit.

The amount of people who came to the County Tipperary Father’s Heart meeting really surprised our local host, Jason O’Donnell. We actually represented 7 counties that came to Tipperary as well as from England and Malaysia – Tipperary not forgotten in God’s eyes. The worship was beautiful and the intercession very important.

The intercession was very important on Saturday too. Imagine all those folks with us on Friday evening, a number of leaders included, and none of them were available to join the Father’s Heart marathon on Saturday. I concluded I was to take my inherited authority – my father being a Clonmel man, I was both the leader at the beginning of the marathon and the ‘young person’ (my father’s young ‘en) to run through the finishing line in a park by the river in Clonmel – beautifully idyllic.

Our worship time was at an outdoor amphitheatre in the park. A Muslim couple sat down to listen to us. One comment they made to one of the team, John, was that there was a lovely peace about us. That’s a great testimony – Jesus, our peace, exuded through us. 

One reason County Waterford’s weekend was special was because Papa drew together most of the core team for the weekend, celebrating ¾ completion of Running with the Father’s Heart. For the first time, we had the Friday evening Father’s Heart meeting outdoors. Both our Friday night meeting and our worship celebration were at Band Stands. I wonder why God arranged it that way – perhaps to say He’s wonderfully worthy to be celebrated – let the bands in County Waterford declare his praises full gusto. We certainly had a wonderful time of worship and Adrian Galvin sharing on the Father’s hug in his home county was more powerful than I can describe, followed by such freedom and healing as those attending went forward to receive a father’s hug from Adrian.

The Prayer and Proclamations in County Waterford on Saturday morning were so powerful too. We saw a shift in the heavenlies as we dealt with the past through prayer that we even expect Waterford to bring home the cup from the All-Ireland finals in 2020 (last time they won was in 1948)! Our marathon route was beautifully easy – just follow the Greenway (the old unused railway) 10 walkers and cyclists followed our county leader in the relay marathon emphasising Father’s theme for the weekend – authority He has placed within His children.

County Cork’s weekend was a beautiful surprise from beginning to end. For a long time, I only knew that the marathon was to be in West Cork. I eventually understood it should be along the Sheep’s Head Way (Jesus is the Sheep’s Head and we should walk His way). Taking so long to understand this meant I contacted the church put on my heart 1 week before we should arrive. Even with so little time, Bantry Christian Fellowship fully welcomed us, even providing accommodation for us above the church. And with only a few days to get the invites out, the gathering was substantial. Our meeting was very prophetic, beginning with prophesying over the youth leading us in worship and ending with individual prayer. Adrian Galvin was the guest speaker, speaking on the joy of the Father – oh, how so many were set free and healed, Alleluia!

Our time of Prayer and Proclamation was very interesting - the 6 County Cork representatives were all leaders. Therefore, when it came to the beginning of the marathon when leaders are prayed for as we walk, I was led to ask them to form 3 pairs, each pair leading a team who could agree in prayer together for the leaders of County Cork. It was such an anointed time. The whole time praying on the Sheep’s Head peninsula was stunning, surrounded by our Father’s handiwork in such splendour. A great highlight for me was meeting and prayer walking alongside Jim Tobin who prayer walked Ireland for 4 months in 2004 with 2 other men. It was also wonderful to hear that Father God had sent a good size team (7 of us) to bring healing to a wounded church after a painful split. He’s so full of love!

July also saw another development – in Roscommon, Waterford and Cork, the evangelists (and trainees) were sent out on mission. Each outing was seen timely, some inviting Jesus into their hearts, others receiving encouraging words from the heart of the Father.


Praise Report June 2019

Praise God for all He accomplished in the month of June!

At a glance:


Week 18. Derry 07-08 June 19
Week 19. Tyrone 14-15 June19
Week 20. Fermanagh 21-22 June 19
Week 21. Leitrim 28-29 June19

In County Derry, God wanted us to connect with the saints of old through Columba (Colmcille). We had our meeting in Columba House in Derry, a place of reconciliation and the following morning had our time of Prayer and Proclamation from the mound where centuries ago, Colmcille returned home from Iona to help settle a dispute between the king and the news carriers (entertainers). Our time of intercession was incredible! The very same weekend, churches together in Derry were holding a united prayer walk on Friday evening (after our own meeting, so that meant we could join them) and a united Worship meeting on Sunday which some of the team was able to attend. This was a great privilege. The message of this ministry is “Unity is a key to revival”. To meet groups living that message locally is both exciting and encouraging. And out of the group, we got our youngest "young person" yet - 9 month old Judah! Amazingly, 2 weeks later when we were in Fermanagh, some churches in Enniskillen were also having a night of worship together. A more religious setting, the good news of salvation through personal relationship was repeated in song and word.

County Tyrone’s Father Heart night was special, the message being on forgiveness. Every person was prayed with and as the pastor said, everyone received something from the Lord. Seeing God’s favour, His healing of wounds, and expression of love toward His people was a great privilege. In Tyrone, we once again connected with the saints of old, this time St. Patrick, going to St. Patrick’s Chair found in a wood. In Patrick’s time, he fought spiritually with the druids, praying in the authority of Christ, for the cleansing of the land and salvation of the people. We, too, went to pray on behalf of our generation and believe God heard our prayers.

One reason County Fermanagh’s weekend was special was because Papa drew a good number of the team together for the weekend. We were in a beautiful ministry home, “Watersedge”, per kindness of Beulah Elliot. With such beauty surrounding us – stunning gardens rolling down to the lake – we’d hardly feel the need to leave except, of course, that we were called to run with the Father’s heart through the county. Including Cuilcagh Mountain in our route, climbing the Stairway to Heaven would need to be a group effort. Amazingly 12 of us took the challenge. All were successful, reaching their individual peak. A friend, Angel, born with disabilities, wasn’t even going to join us. Then, she decided to walk up the mountain for a little while. When some began to turn back, she thought to carry on a little longer. When we reached the boardwalk, in her heart there was no turning back. When we reached the summit, she wept, hugging me, thanking me for this expedition being part of the Father’s heart marathon. Angel achieved even more than what she has been told all her life was impossible for her – the goodness of God far surpasses even our hopes and dreams!

County Leitrim’s weekend was much quieter, our team being smaller, but once again, God provided beautifully from start to finish. Barbara Murray travelled from Dublin to minister gently in music and song. We thank God for His gentle touch toward us and the county. The following morning I was like a proud mother when the team arrived on time for prayer at 8a.m. instead of our usual 9.30a.m. Our sacrifice was worth it, seeing God do a great work of repair through the prayers and actions of 2 believers, 1 Catholic, 1 Protestant, blessing the other community. Heaven rejoiced with us as this simple act between 2 sisters resounded to impact not only County Leitrim but the whole land. Due to my injured rib, 2 runners came from 2 different counties – the show must go on, halleluiah! I found it amusing that at the end of the day, arriving in Carrick-on-Shannon, the 3 year old God provided to complete the relay marathon also ended up being our leader in the Worship Celebration. Little Elizabeth has a big calling on her life!


Praise Report May 2019

Praise God for all He accomplished in the month of May!

At a glance:

Week 22. Roscommon 05-06 July 19
Week 23. Tipperary 12-13 July 19
Week 24. Waterford 19-20 July 19

Praise Report April 2019

Praise God for all He accomplished in the month of April!

At a glance:

Week 11. Longford 05-06 April 19

Week 12. Cavan 12-13 April 19

Week 13. Monaghan 19-20 April 19

Week 14. Louth 26-27 April 19


Week 11. Longford 05-06 April 19

On Friday evening, Olivia Ralph shared a miraculous story of God the Father’s loving care – from losing everything - home, work, family and self-dignity, to God restoring her, first in her spiritual life and then in every other area. By God’s grace, and by His grace alone, she now is blessed beyond measure, a worship leader for the Lord who runs her own driving school.

A recurring prayer need for County Longford was Unity. While it seems Christians are at their least united in many a year, a positive word is that which they must battle the hardest to overcome (disunity) will not only be their greatest success but will be the area that they will teach others. I believe in the time of Island-wide Revival to come upon our land, such will be their revelation of the power of unity, people will travel to County Longford to learn about unity and the fruit it bears.


Week 12. Cavan 12-13 April 19

It was a great joy to have Rev. Seamus Heaney with us, sharing openly about his personal day of revival/conversion, when everything changed and he was given a love for the Word of God, which has not diminished in the 60 years since. All found it refreshing to hear a Catholic priest share personally about his relationship with Jesus Christ.

On Saturday, alone without other team members, I was in for a special treat from locals, many being encouraged to come ‘support the woman who’s going to be praying up the hill’ at 9.30 a.m. We were 18 in total, as members of the local Running, Walking and Cycling Club came to help carry the scroll around the county, women of prayer came up to pray blessings upon County Cavan, and even local TD (Irish Parliament Minister), Sarah O’Reilly attended and later drove my car to the Finishing Line for me! Even her son got involved, running the last part of the marathon. Because of such involvement from a Club, I actually reached the Finishing Line at 2 p.m. instead of 4!


Week 13. Monaghan 19-20 April 19

Extra Event:

Brenda Taylor’s Worship Altar on Thursday 18 April was a powerful time of prayer and worship, Brenda leading us through the Tabernacle, each area a prayer station.  The numbers attending were disappointing but God doesn’t need numbers to achieve His purpose.

On Friday evening, it felt right to ask visiting speaker, Brenda Taylor, to teach on Passover (as it was the beginning of Passover that very night). Though she might have felt pressure to give adequate details in only one hour, all who heard were fed manna from heaven and some hungered for more: Some ladies in the church begged Fabiana, the wife part of the Pastor couple to teach more often than her once a month slot.

Later, in the evening, Brenda would teach on relationship with Father God through memories of her own relationship with her earthly father. The stories were warm and gave great insight into right relationship with our Heavenly Father. The time was concluded by people having opportunity to receive a fatherly hug from our team of 4 men.

On Saturday morning, we were blessed to have members from Dovetail Shalom Ministries with us at the Prayer and Proclamation before they headed back to England, and members of Shalom Fellowship in Monaghan, as well as visitors from various counties. Being so close to the border as we prayed, our prayers were directed toward unity – healing and restoration. The 2 sticks on the scroll before it was opened related strongly for Brenda to the 2 sticks in Ezekiel 37 – God will bind them to become one. Prophetic acts and heartfelt prayers made it to be a very powerful time.

Shalom Fellowship were so faithful and kind in offering to participate from beginning to end. Pastor Marcio began the relay-marathon. Other young men ran too as well as ladies walking with the scroll for a time. At the end, a whole family met me on the fields coming toward the finishing line and 9-year old, Semas, ran through the finishing line with the greatest of exuberance. As we then worshipped in the grounds of a 6th Century monastery beside the tower still standing, many took photos of us and people honked their horns and waved to us. Even without knowing fully what we were doing, they seemed supportive and grateful.


Week 14. Louth 26-27 April 19

The Louth weekend was to start in the Solid Rock Church, Drogheda, as part of a 24-hour prayer they had arranged. This was an advantage in that maybe people who wouldn’t have attended were there. Speaking on the Father’s will to be done, I was led to also release the anointing for revival that God sent me to America to collect. Almost everyone there came forward for the anointing and a prophetic word. It was good to hear one of the pastors say later that the youth especially needed the encouragement and each had received the word that was right for them.

Every place God has asked to be included is strategic and so, we had a powerful time of intercession at the gates of the Battle of the Boyne. There’s a fighting spirit in that area because of its past. God uses it to the advantage of His people, promising every leader and believer an increase of boldness in prayer to take ground, to see a difference in the lives of the people around them as they fight in the Spirit on their behalf. There’s no height restriction in the Kingdom; tiny-tots in the natural can be giants in the spiritual realm.

My hat off to all who were willing to participate on Saturday in the relay-marathon as we were battling a storm called Anna. Coming along the coast was the hardest – for one runner/cyclist, one walker and even one brave swimmer! On the beach, we could hardly see in front of us at times as the wind picked up the sand and threw it ferociously into the sea. May it represent all the gunge and debris leaving the island of Ireland!

Praise God, the LORD had plans to make the wind and sea to be calm and for the sun to appear for our hour of worship on Ladies’ Beach near Dundalk (thanking the Lord for all He has done, is doing and will do in County Louth). Four children could run through the Finishing Line to the sound of worship and play nearby. At the end of our time, the Spirit led me to ask the children, Josiah, Joy, Jonathan and Jeremiah to stand in the middle that we may bless them but then to ask them to turn around to face out and bless the adults. Though it may not have appeared very significant, I know it was, God having those children ministering to adults so early in their lives. They did not only represent those who love the Lord Jesus but those who will come running to Him in the island-wide revival so how wonderful it will be to see brave, bold followers of Christ, seeking God’s will for others as well as themselves.


Praise Report March 2019

Praise God for all He accomplished in the month of March!

At a glance:

Week 6. Kilkenny 01-02 Feb 19
Week 7. Carlow 08-09 March19
Week 8. Laois 15-16 March 19
Week 9. Offaly 22-23 March 19
Week 10. Westmeath 29-30 March 19

I covered weeks 6 and 7 in my last report. I’d like to add that in Carlow I had the privilege of visiting Mary Moore, a woman who has been so faithful in her service to the LORD from the moment she invited Him into her heart. While she waits for Him to provide a new physical heart she continues faithfully trusting Him, ministering to others from her bed. She is a giant in the faith and I’m so privileged to know her as a friend.

Even though I am only covering 3 counties in this email there’s so much to say that I’ve decided to put the full version on the ministry web page: wordofthelord.biz and an edited version here (so you know where to look for the whole story J).

Laois was the exciting weekend I was expecting, intercessors congregating from all over the land. We had a blast! We had 3 children with us, and a favourite memory of mine was to see them entering fully into worship. In fact, over the weekend, 7-year-old Jonathan was heard in the prayer room worshipped alone, singing and playing the drum.

Laois is known as the Queen’s County. We likened County Laois, therefore, to the Bride of Christ, praying for the queen to become passionate about her King. All day long it rained on Saturday (the day we would be outdoors). It felt important to thank God – He was cleansing all the gunge out of the county and we were a part of His work. We should sing in the rain!

Amidst the gifts of friendship, I received a lovely new bike from Kerry. Margaret Scully who has a ministry of finding things for people asked a bike shop owner if he would lend me a bike for as long as I need one. He said ‘yes’ and I now have a spectacular racer. Keeping the other bike means others can also ride. 9-year-old Joy was the first to enjoy the benefit of this new development, being a courier of the word of God on a bike.

Of course, having so many people meant more people could join in carrying the scroll – 12 of us in total.

Still raining at 4 p.m. when we came together, I suggested we worship in the local chapel. As it was quite large we were able to take a side chapel as our worship room. We had a really precious time together. God is worthy to be worshipped and thanked for all He has done, is doing and will do in County Laois.

The home of our hosts, Mike and Edith Harper, is dedicated to the LORD and even has a prayer room in it, is part of what God will do in the county. So many intercessors coming together was strategic – I felt this was the new beginning they had been waiting for, God fulfilling the desires of their heart. Many words and scriptures were given to them, confirming God’s promises.

Offaly is the King’s County – we claim it for King Jesus.

Only 3 people came to the Friday night meeting. I didn’t mind. I was so tired, my only thought was it would be good to finish early. The previous week in County Laois I had spoken on ‘Our Father, Your Kingdom come’. I had come to realise I should speak again on the Father’s kingdom coming in County Offaly but delving a little deeper – what does God’s kingdom overcoming the kingdom of darkness look like, what can we expect to see? Miracles, signs and wonders. When I saw the small numbers, I thought to sit casually and speak briefly but God said ‘no’. He directed me to stand at the podium and speak to a larger audience, live streaming on Facebook. A message from one of the intercessors the next morning saying she had been blessed by what she had heard confirmed to me that this was God’s direction.

Apparently, Offaly has the worst suicide rate in Ireland so a lot of our focus during the Prayer and Proclamation beside a beautiful lake was life instead of premature death, joy instead of depression, and gladness instead of mourning. There are times that you know that you know God is at work, moving heaven and earth to answer your prayers. We knew God was breaking depression off people in the county and had the opportunity later in the day to repeat those prayers with an individual we met along the way. God is in the business of setting the captives free!

Father and son, George and Fred, were the main participants in County Offaly’s marathon. They ran together creating a powerful image of our Father running with us. 25 km was nothing to either of them and both enjoyed running through the ‘most Irish’ of Ireland they’d ever seen. I was blessed to hear 17-year-old Fred explain very clearly to a friend what Running with the Father’s heart is all about. He hadn’t simply joined in a run at the request of his father but ran carrying the scroll as a prayer for the county to receive the Father’s love.

I took over carrying the scroll, cycling another 25 km along the Ancient Pilgrim Way (so, together we did more than a marathon, but it was worth it!) I loved to think I was joining hundreds of years of pilgrims coming to worship Jesus in Clonmacnoise. Just before I arrived there, Aengus O’Sullivan living in County Wicklow, but whose mother comes from County Offaly, took the scroll and bike to complete the journey. George’s younger son was meant to meet us at the finishing line as our young person for the county. However, an upset tummy stopped him from travelling and so Aengus completed the marathon. It wasn’t at all like I expected (a young person completing the marathon) but Aengus later told me God had shown him on Tuesday that he was to be the one to complete the marathon – I understood that the son of his mother, Aengus would always be considered young by her and so God’s plan worked well for him to represent the youth of Offaly coming to the Lord.

Clonmacnoise is an amazingly precious place, a rich spiritual heritage in Ireland. To be called to go there on all three ministry trips around Ireland has been a great privilege. Blue skies above gentle waters amidst the hush countryside breathed peace all around us causing our worship of the creator of such beauty to be deep and true.

Westmeath in the centre of the land was the 10th county we visited. Ten is the number of authority in the Bible. We could feel a greater authority praying for Ireland from that place. I felt it important too for believers in County Westmeath to know that their prayers have a great authority because of their positioning in the land – whatever comes out of them, affects the whole island, north, south, east and west.

Adrian Galvin, originally from Co. Waterford, flew in from Bristol to speak in Athlone. We were in for a great surprise as God sent a team of intercessors once again to join us for the weekend but this time as a last minute instruction – Margaret and Angel from Kerry, Louise from Donegal and Birinder from near Sligo on Friday evening, and Sandra joining us from Wicklow on Saturday.

Adrian’s testimony of the Father’s love was quite amazing – his father having walked out of his life when he was two-years-old, Adrian lived a life of drugs and alcohol. After meeting Jesus, he went to England seeking healing and revelation of the Father’s love. Father having met him in that request, he is a pastor and part of healing rooms in Bristol. It’s also amazing (a God thing!) that the very first time he should speak in Ireland, that he be asked to speak on the Father’s love. Lives, young and old, were touched by his testimony and came forward to be anointed, prayed for and hugged (a special ‘Father’ anointing Adrian walks in). Praise God for His work in that place.

The church hosting us, CAC Outreach Athlone, blessed me so much, as they have done since I first met them in 2009. They have been a part of every event God has asked of me in the area – come rain or shine (literally!) On Saturday morning, the day before Mother’s Day, prayers turned to mothers in County Westmeath. Then I felt the Spirit prompting for the women in the group to stand in the middle and the men would pray for us. Once this was done, the Scripture ‘For the Lord has created a new thing on the earth; a woman encircles a man’ (Jeremiah 31: 22). The men now stood in the centre while we women walked around them, praying blessing on those in the middle but also for all men in the Body of Christ to rise up to fulfil their calling and to get all the support and encouragement they’re supposed to receive.

Pastor Joshua representing leaders at the start of the marathon chose to cover 6 km. Alongside two others, Collins and Jo-ke, he made good time, even running along part of the Old Railway Trail. Amazingly, four cars came to meet them. We were truly children, having fun at the handover point. Another blessing was George travelling from County Offaly to run half the marathon for us. He sped off in the direction of Mullingar and actually arrived before the rest of us coming by car! Louise from Donegal and Sandra from Wicklow prayer-walked a short distance with the scroll before I continued along the Royal Canal. A great feature of this trip is seeing parts of the country even the locals rarely get to see – the land in all its glory. I thank God for the privilege!

Arriving at a quaint, little village on the outskirts of County Westmeath, for the United Worship Celebration, 10-year-old Loba came straight from a football match (in which his team had won 2-0), to represent the youth of County Westmeath – both those who know Christ and those who will come to know Him. I loved Loba’s enthusiasm, racing to and breaking through the finishing line, representing all those who will run to Jesus in the future – multitudes coming to receive His love, Alleluia!

This forerunner ministry can continue through the land, running with the Father’s Heart through all 32 counties, because God is faithful to His promise. He will turn the hearts of the children back to their Father, they will each experience His love and be led into their destiny. We have a great deal to look forward to, praise the Lord!

Rich blessings,

Katey Moreland

News Report 12.03.19

Dear intercessors,

Thank you for interceding for Running with the Father’s Heart. I am so very sorry for not being able to give a news report earlier. The weeks fly by as I attempt to arrange many elements of each weekend. I am very grateful that before starting in January, my Papa told me, ‘Return to the bare bones of what I showed you.’ This meant having the worship celebration at the finishing line of the marathon each week (not in a church as I was trying to arrange). It also means I only concentrate on finding people who will participate in the relay marathon. If any church or fellowship shows an interest in having the fun run and children’s events, I will be more than happy to help organise that, but otherwise, co-ordinating and participating in the marathon is more than enough.

When I suspended the original dates by 3 weeks, a number of fellowships and believers that planned to be involved were not available in the weekend I would arrive in their county. For a few days I experienced a wibbly-wobbly in my spirit – had I heard wrong, should I organise for next year instead? Then, God spoke – thank His holy name! – telling me that this is a Gideon ministry. I wasn’t to expect large numbers but He would provide a small number to fulfil His will. It’s been quite amazing watching Him provide – each Friday night, a venue, a speaker, a worship leader and a group to receive the Father’s love, of course. At 9.30 a.m. each Saturday, local believers are invited to meet at the county’s Marathon starting line to pray and proclaim over the county scriptures on a scroll about the Father’s love (they’re written below, should you wish to join in where you are). By 10.15 a.m. a leader from the county begins the relay marathon. Others take the scroll until at the end of the marathon at around 4 p.m. a young person from the county runs through the finishing line to the sound of praise and worship, thanking God for all He has done, is doing and will do in the county.

Seven weeks have passed already! Each and every weekend has been a great success. God has orchestrated the numbers for the 3 meetings every weekend, mostly sevens and eights - seven because God declares a complete work over the county and eight because He promises to do a new thing. We don’t necessarily see proof in the natural but we will in the future because every weekend those involved are supernaturally filled with excitement and anticipation.

I thank God for the speakers who have blessed the hearers on the Friday evenings. Each and every time, the right person has spoken with the right message. Paul and Hilary Kyle joined us from America for the first 3 weekends. Paul’s unique way of sharing a message through his songs given by the Lord is so very uplifting and draws you to the Father’s heart. Jumping to weekend number 7, Carlow, I am amazed by God’s hand in ministering so powerfully to those who attended. Fr. Nolan arranging for us to have our meeting after Mass in a village called Borris, Mike Harper had his first opportunity to minister in a Catholic Church. When I invited Mike to speak, I had no idea of his history – he’d worked in a factory there over 20 years ago, lost his job, was depressed and suicidal, but Papa God rescued him. Imagine being able to go back to the place where life was so bad and publicly announce that God turned it all around. Alongside relevant scriptures, Mike’s teaching was powerful stuff! We also got opportunity to pray with people and chat with them afterwards.

Of the 7 leaders God has provided each week to begin the relay-marathon, we knew about 6 of them beforehand. However, Co. Wexford over 2 weeks ago was different! Because God told me a leader should always begin the marathon, I was in a quandary when the leader who had arranged to meet us on top of a hill did not find us. I couldn’t move forward without this provision. A team-member, Sandra, suggested we go see the Parish Priest in the village at the bottom of the hill. I’d been ringing him for 2 weeks, feeling in my spirit he should be involved – even went to his home when mapping the route, but he wasn’t home. Could he be home this time – and if he was, would he have time to come up the hill with us? We went – and didn’t find him home! With a heavy heart, I told the Lord, ‘You need to provide a leader or this has to be the end of the road.’ Don’t mistake this for a demand. I was simply stating the facts. If God had said a leader should begin each marathon, He would provide it, and if he didn’t say it, who’s to say he sent me on this trip, at all. I could not continue the marathon except He provide. We headed toward the church. God told me to proclaim the scriptures over County Wexford in there. Going in, we found cleaners inside. Coming out again, we asked a lady coming in where Father might be. She replied, ‘Maybe he’s gone to the shop for his paper’. Right on cue, around the corner he came, with newspaper and milk in hand. I explained what we were doing and asked him to represent all spiritual leaders in the county, praying the scriptures together. It began to rain, leading Fr. Nolan to say, ‘Let’s go in the church and pray together there’.

God told me in December that every place He shows me to begin and end the marathons is strategic. A few reasons for God drawing us to the bottom of the hill at the eleventh hour to have the time of Prayer and Proclamation became obvious to me. Fr. Nolan only had a small window of opportunity to pray with us as he was about to travel to another village for a funeral. Had I been able to contact him earlier in the week, he would have told me he couldn’t meet me at the top of the hill (where I still thought we should meet). But more importantly, that’s not where God wanted the beginning . . .

I had initially chosen two hills in Wexford to be the beginning and end simply because they had walks around them. But God had plans of healing. Visiting the previous week, I found out that a lot of bloodshed had been spilled on both hills back in the 1798 rebellion. A mighty battle had ensued on top of Oulart hill when rebels had been forced up the hill by Cork Militia. I had realised mid-week when I read of the worst atrocity happening at the foot of the second hill, Carrickbyrne, that we were not to go to the top of the second hill but the bottom. Still thinking we were to begin at the top of the first hill, we made our way there. However, the start of the rebellion for the Wexford men began when 2 chapels were burned down – one of them was Oulart chapel, since rebuilt. God didn’t want us on the top of the hill but at the bottom - going right to the root of the problem. Others, I’m sure, have been sent to repent on behalf of what has happened. Our mission is to add a different layer – shifting the land and affecting the atmosphere for revival through declaration of Father’s love and faithfulness.

Meeting the young people who represent the young in their county has been invigorating to say the least! A criteria set by the Lord is they must love Him and willingly offer their gift of involvement. Our 1st young person (Co. Dublin) was really, really young – 2 year old Isabelle! Her absolute pleasure in being asked to do this BIG job was contagious. Our 2nd young person Yovana representing County Meath has only lived in Ireland since November 2018, having come from Mauritius to live with her brother after becoming an orphan. Her testimony is incredible, having met Jesus in her grief and depression. He then gave her reason for living. I was amazed that God should bring her so that County Meath should have a young person willing to step out to express her Father’s love. Our 3rd young person (Robert in Co. Kildare) is a talented musician and singer for the Lord with a love for his county and the youth in it. With an incredibly busy schedule, he pulled out all the stops to be there. Our 4th person (County Wicklow) was actually 2 young ladies, Doris & Wumi, both from Nigeria and studying in Ireland. Again, God had sent willing hearts from Africa to represent the young in the county they’re living. Our 5th person was a surprise. In Wexford, I only knew we were meeting mature adults a mile before the finishing line. I wondered whether God considered young in spirt sufficient! But there among them stood Rain from Asia, living in Ireland for the last 10 years. She and her pastor came through the finishing line with such incredible enthusiasm – they’ve won more than a marathon! Our 6th person was 12-year-old Ellie Harper. I loved her willingness that was written all over her face and posture. (I mention her surname because, interestingly, God hand-picked only Harpers in Co. Kilkenny to take part in the whole weekend.) In County Carlow, our 7th person was also a 12-year-old, Caleb, whose heart swelled before me as I asked him to be the one to represent the youth who love Jesus. As he told his mother, “It’s a great honour”. God calls him forth, even in his tender years, to live up to his name, filled with faith and expectancy for what God will do.

This coming weekend is very exciting because a group of intercessors who meet on Skype once a week to pray for this God-led project are coming together to join in the Father’s Heart weekend in County Laois. We will be 16 all together as well as others joining us. Our hosts, Mike and Edith Harper, have their own Prayer Room where we will have Friday’s meeting and a wonderful time of gelling on Sunday after the programme is over. We’re so privileged to be called by God to be a part of this preparatory work for revival in Ireland. Thank you so much for partnering with us in this prayer initiative.

Blessings of shalom,

Katey Moreland


September 2016

Dear Friends,

I want to thank Father God for the last year and His kindness toward me. I asked for a 12 month sabbatical. He answered that I could have 16 months. I've now lived 12 months of that time - 12 months in which God sent me off travelling. I left Ireland last September believing I was going to 3 continents and 5 countries. However, God took me to 4 continents and 11 countries:

Sept - Dec 2015               Jerusalem, Israel

Dec 2015 - Jan 2016        Toronto, Canada

Jan - March 2016            USA (8 States)

March - June 2016          Galilee, Israel

June - August 2016         UK

Aug - Sept 2016              Africa (6 countries)

On my first ever trip to Israel, I fell in love with Jerusalem, God's holy city and His people. I still can't believe that Papa let me live in Israel, His special chosen land, for a whole 6 months, half of my exciting year of travel. I spent most of that first 3 months in worship. I feel connected to the land, a connection that will last and grow throughout the rest of my life.

In Canada, I spent the first 3 weeks coming alongside a friend in her ministry to the homeless. Christmas has to be the best time to have such an experience, reaching out to the needy in festivity and celebration of the birth of the Son of God. I also enjoyed getting to know the workers, hearing their stories of how Jesus brought them to the place they are.

During my time with The Mission, I heard the Lord calling me away. I would wake to words such as 'Come away, my beloved'. I arranged to follow through, believing I was being called back to having worship as priority. Wrong! The Lord Yeshua was calling me to intimacy but not in the way I expected. In 2015, I had begun to learn Hebrew with a class (level A). He now wanted me to learn level B alone and in time to join a class to study level C. He called me away so I could study 8 hours of Hebrew a day, to cover a course in 4 weeks that usually takes 8-9 months. On the study, that sounds like a lot of study and you might think how on earth was that a time of intimacy! I was alone with my Lord and Saviour, learning a language, precious to my Papa in Heaven.

At one point, I asked for angels to learn with me - don't we humans learn better in a group setting and only God knows everything. If angels are appointed to travel with me, they also need the languages I need. Prayer done, I believed I received and carried on studying. That night, I prayed with a lady at church. When we were finished, she looked up, over my shoulder, her head looking to the left and the right, up and around. 'Why', she asked, 'do you have so many big angels around you?' I smiled at God choosing to confirm my request being fulfilled. 'I asked for angels to join me in learning Hebrew', I explained, 'and I am learning all the time, so that means they can never leave, Alleluia!'

Before I even began level C, the Lord put on my heart that the best way to learn is to teach. He also said there were people back home in Ireland who need to learn to read the Bible in Hebrew. My human reasoning responded, 'I don't mind teaching Hebrew, Papa - in 5 years’ time, maybe!!!' But when I wanted to put it off, Yeshua whispered gently, 'Trust me'. I melted! I arranged to teach Basic Biblical Hebrew on the internet. Teaching a unique course, handed to me from my Father, the students and I have loved it. (I can fill you in more on that on a different page, but basically, it follows the pattern of a child learning their native language - hearing, understanding and speaking before reading and writing is introduced.)

I then met ladies in America who took a 6 month break between studying level B and level C. The Lord spoke to me one morning as I woke up, 'Offer to review level B with them'. Having rushed through level B myself, I felt there was so much I had not grasped. How wonderful that He arranged for me to go through the course again. So whether I'm in Israel or outside of it, I am living in His word in its original language. How blessed am I! Maybe that wouldn't be a blessing for you, but for me, someone who's never been that good at languages, it's a great privilege that God would answer so many prayers in giving me the tools to master His special language. I will know His word better as I read it in Hebrew. I also believe this is the first language I will master, an open door to learn other languages. I'm so grateful! I might be very busy in this my 'sabbatical', but when would I have had so much time to study any other year. This was my Papa's number one plan for my year of rest from my usual ministry and the publishing I began, to allow me to encounter Him more in the written Word than I ever have done before. I must say a million thanks to my Abba, my Yeshua and Ruach Kadosh (precious Holy Spirit).

In Israel and the UK, God connected me with people of prayer. On my second visit, I lived up in Galilee, in a village in which 25% of the residents are believers. I love being in close proximity to believers that wanted only to be close to Yeshua. I also loved overlooking Lake Galilee, dreaming of the days my Yeshua ministered in the flesh around and on these very waters.

In America, Papa sent me on a revival trail, collecting and releasing so much. When I arrived in Bonnie Brae House where revival was prayed in for the famous Asuza Street Revival, Los Angeles, a lady prophesied over me, 'You came here to collect the anointing from Asuza for your part of the world, but God is going to release it in every country you go to - and he's sending you to many countries'. At that point, I had no idea that after my time in the UK, I would go to Africa.

Being sent to South Africa and Mozambique, I thought I was visiting friends for 2 weeks and then volunteering in children's homes for 4 weeks. Yet, when I got to Mozambique, I had a cold. Not wanting to pass this on to anyone, I spent my whole time in the Prayer Room. 'This is what I sent you here for', Papa explained. He went on to say, 'I send you to nations, primarily to pray'. I was so shocked. 'I'm sure eventually I'll be pleased with that news', I answered.

In Mozambique, I had opportunity not only to pray for the Mozambicans but missionaries and visitors from the nations. The anointing goes to Switzerland, China, South America, America, and other parts of Africa via other channels. Papa then directed me more through the large world map on the Prayer Room wall, telling me some countries are so close by and I should go and release the revival anointing I was told I would release in many counties. So, without being able to get on the internet and organise it, I agreed to go praying in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

Last week I went to the first 2 and today I arrived in Namibia. I thank God for carrying me and for giving opportunities to pray blessings over vast lands (I travelled on 3 buses for 22 hours over 3 days). I thank God for the people I met by divine appointment, believers who wanted to receive the anointing for revival from Father God for themselves, their families, villages and countries. I even prayed with 2 police officers! 

The Zimbabweans impacted my life so much. A people in crisis, without their own currency, dependent on the US dollar, many not paid for their work, people starving, and yet, they have such a friendly, kind attitude, toward one another and to the stranger, like me. On the buses, no journey begins without asking God's mercy upon them and no journey ending without thanking Him for carrying them safely. The word God gave for Zimbabwe is after all these troubles, He shall return. The tabernacle of David (worship altar) will be rebuilt and out of that He will rebuild the ruins of this land (from Acts 15: 16-17). They shall prosper by the mercy of God and all nations will recognise their turn around.

Botswana, right next door, is as prosperous as Zimbabwe is poor and needy. The Capital city is something else with a whole business quarter being developed with the most creative, beautiful buildings. They might think their need is snot o great in the natural but of course they need Almighty God. He promises to the remnant of those who trust in Him that in the last days, He will pour out His Spirit on all people. Their sons and daughters will prophesy, their young shall see visions and their elderly shall dream dreams (dreams that will become a reality) (from Acts 2: 17-18). 

I'm excited to see what my God will do in my visit to Namibia. Even on the plane, God arranged that Dan, a Christian from Germany, living in South Africa with his wife and sons, should sit beside me. Here was another opportunity to release the anointing for revival to a man and his family as well as two nations. I know Papa has got great plans for him and his family that will effect even more nations, especially as he fulfils a dream of visiting the Celtic nations his forefathers came from.

On Thursday, I head to Cape Town, South Africa, to meet my connecting flight home to Ireland. I thank God very much for all He's allowed me to experience, the wonderful people I've met and all I've learnt through them, but most of all, I say, 'Thank You, Papa, for taking me home'. Ireland, here I come!

Katey Moreland (the WORD of the LORD Ministries founder)