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Word of the LORD Wine Press is a Christian book publishing business that began trade nineteen months after Katey Moreland initially received instruction from the Lord Jesus Christ to do so; God is not affected by recession and neither should His children be!

As Publishers, we aim to produce books that will build up the Body of Christ, encouraging a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit, hearts revived in the love of Jesus and lives restored to Kingdom principles.

Katey strongly believes that God will provide money through the publishing and distribution of these God-inspired books, not only for the travelling ministry she leads, but also for missionary work.

The first publication in paperback and e-book, 'The Novice is Missing . . . and so is the Convent Bike!' is an autobiographical account of Katey Moreland’s life in (and escape from) a convent. Following Katey’s spiritual and emotional journey as revealed in her journals, the story is told with great humour and honesty from the perspective of her ‘younger self’.

Summary: High-spirited and loud with belly laughter that reaches the rafters, Kaitlyn, nonetheless, is called by God to become a nun. Her capers, mostly enjoyed by the Sisters surrounding her, are not appreciated by the Novice-Mistress! A relationship often fraught with tension comes to an abrupt end when Sister Mary Kaitlyn ‘cracks’, making a dramatic bid for freedom – on the convent bike! In the aftermath of her departure, Katey must face up to the consequences of her impetuous behaviour and ask herself what was she really running from and how will she resolve these issues. Throughout the story, Katey emphatically knows there is only One who can lead; only One who can heal and set free – and so, however painful the process, to Him she must turn!


‘This story reads as a hilarious version of “The Sound of Music”! I like the idea of an

opportunity for “fairness” given in the footnotes and I’m sure that will be appreciated

as an indication of Katey’s goodwill and kindness.’

Pastor Fergus Ryan, Founder of Trinity Church Network, Dublin, Ireland


‘Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down! The whole telling of the tale comes

over in a very warm, human way, with great humour and honesty. I must say I did feel

sorry for ‘Sister Peter’! But even there, there was reconciliation and warmth eventually.’

‘Sister Caris’, a real-life character in the story, UK


‘Katey shares an amazing story of her search for and encounters with the living God.

You will be amazed and amused as you read her story. A very good read indeed!’

Rev. Noel Mills, Rivers Meeting Church, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim, Ireland


‘An engaging and candid account of a remarkable journey; when broken humanity,

with all its rough edges, comes into the dazzling light of God’s grace and acceptance, the

result is something truly beautiful … healing beyond imagination.’

Julie Maria Peace, Author of ‘A Song in the Night’, South Yorkshire, England